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Sunday, June 03, 2007
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i just thought of it a while ago, while we were on the bus ride home. it was, as always--during sundays when people around me gather up and say, "hindi ka tutuloy sa UP? sayang yun, BioChem!"

well, anyway, i have seen it all again unto me, but of course, in a whole new instance. as the heading implies, well, i have associated myself with someone lamenting over his/her first love.

i remember myself crying every night, as if i have lost some beloved fellow, and i always turn out waking up with chinky eyes...then, another mourning when nightfall comes.

such a way that lasted almost 6 months. well, at least, i got over that love by now... YET, another first love occurs. my love for UP. okay,so, i know that i'm totally overreacting, but you know, i just can't find a way to let it all out. i've been aspiring of this since i was younger...enough said.

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