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Saturday, May 03, 2008
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So, it was my fault that I didn't join in the fun last April z because you already said that the celebration will be on April y, so I have decided to join you in the latter event BUT it wasn't my fault that the other celebrant invited me the other day, April x, to be with her because it would be her celebration day.

The point is, why make me go with you on that day when you know that I am in a deal of distance from where you are, and that I have to be wise on when to go to your place and why. If I have to go there for without reason and without my mom's support, why would I go there?

April x was her celebration and April y was HeR's. Isn't that reasonable enough? why do you have to be so mad at me! and use the reason that I am with her just because she treats me of things...

honestly,why are you so immature?

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