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Friday, October 19, 2007
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Our documentary about Coping with Stress is now complete and has been passed on to our teacher, at last. This was our final requirement for our subject psychology…Imagine, we were 19 in a group, and yet, only [almost] three were doing the editing part! Come on. What kind of groupings is that?! Even in the mere ‘filming’, we were only few…and you could just imagine how ‘hard’ it is to work for the project yourself!

I hate our leader, who only remembered us by the time that we have been saving our work in its perpetual place—the blank CD. He even said that he was ‘constantly’ checking out our project, when in reality, he’s just a man of words! From the start, I have hated him because he’s someone objective. He wants everything to revolve on his own, so it is his fault that many of our group mates are never interested with making it. Also, he was always defending his ideas, at the same time rejecting ours. How could a leader do that anyway?!

You’re such a loooooooosssssseerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

How could you ask us when will we edit the video, when you know that it is due today?! How could you?! T_T

I hate you. You’re such a loser.

Those members who aren’t even helping—even with just lending us money, you’re all such losers! I hate you all!

Another thing about this event is that I was the host for the equipments. You know what I mean. It was in my family’s house, my family’s computer, my family’s bedroom, my family’s food budget…and everything else connected. But nobody contributed anything else except for the hard work that JR and Jam did...Could I mention Jinky’s camera? L

My other project at school was for NSTP, where my grades would be based upon. Would you like to know how fast I did that? Let’s say one hour. And it’s where my final grade would be coming from. T_T

It was a good thing that arnie, was always there to help us in any way. T_T

If only he could be one of my group mates, I certainly will not mind. Thanks for always being there. Thanks for not leaving us, especially me, on times like this.

God, sorry for posting these words, I just want to let it all out… I don’t want to hate anybody, but because they make me, at least, in here, they would know. T_T

Sorry for my sins. Thanks for lending us time to finish what we ought to do. For the everyday blessings and guidance and help, thanks. For giving us knowledge on what to do and also during our finals, thank You.

I will not do it again. Hope fully. T_T

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