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Thursday, October 25, 2007
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I wasn't able to go to my high school friend's get together lunch last time, and even this day's movie marathon. It is just that I had to go to my dentist [whose long line always bothers me]… T_T I really had to go anyway because my teeth are becoming worse...T_T [by the way, I also missed the Fiesta at my college friend's house. I thought we were going to have a gathering again, but I was too lazy to get up early this morning. It was raining, how can I not? Ö

Anyway, I accompanied my mom to Natasha, Alabang branch, where she does her transactions and stuff, as a sideline to earn money. As she was roaming around for a possible gift for my cousins in Zamboanga, I was not on her side. [drama mode?! Joke. Gusto ko lang sana gumala, e, stuck naman ako sa dental clinic ng dentist ko.] Ate May was there, my mom's cousin who lives in Makati, and they were talking big time, long lines and innumerable topics. Maybe they just miss each other. Unlike my cousins and I, we are not that close. I even sometimes envy those of my classmates who live in a compound where they live with their relatives…and grow close bonds, unlike here in a village where there are people whom you don't want to get close with. And people who are hard to be close with. And people whom you really don't know and don't want to know.


Ayun lang.

Pero, Masaya pa rin ako ngayong pag-uwi namin kasi may available na bus diretso sa amin, at wala na masyadong lakarin. Haha.

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