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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
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It all started last week when I saw Angeli Sobrepeña making art beads from Polymer Clay, that I decided to do some browsing on her works. I checked her out through my multiply and saw even those online businesses that are already become my contact [though I still haven't bought anything from them yet.] My Little Dress was one of them, and I browsed for their products and one thing caught my attention: their photographer, Valerie Chua. From Valerie's profiles and all, there I saw [finally] Feanne Mauricio who is really someone not ordinary. I really think that she's someone cool, especially that she is an artist with so many artworks that she can be proud of, and everything else.
I can't help myself not to mingle with her online sentiments, with pretty artworks and kitten-related things - and not to mention violet get-ups! [I especially love her new year look x]] anyway, I don't think I am suitable enough to describe her, that my vocabulary is way much less than hers. -_-
I'm just saying that she's my new icon, if that's to be permitted. --,

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