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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
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it has been a long day for me - though I woke up at around 10-11 am - doing everyday routines like sweeping the floor, dish washing (I am scheduled every one day), tv watching and of course, surfing the net. I had a hard time anyway because my sister and I share our computer thus making it hard for me to share my thoughts.

Why pineapple? It's my healthy snack. I had to make sure that there is a supply of pineapples everyday, and we do a sweetened snack (so easy to do) so that my body would avail itself of detoxification....but anyway I think it's still on the process. XP Imagine I ate about 4 cups of sweetened pineapple just this whole day [or at least during afternoon onwards)!

wait. why do I conceive the rolling pineapple from 50 First Dates? o.o

Anyway, my parents just talked about financial relations over the internet [because my dad is in KSA], and just think of our current situation! I know that they are already fine with each other but just picture that my dad has his business with him, and my mom is helping, but still there are no cash left for miscellaneous things that we also need to pay for..I just hate it when there will be a reality check. Thanks to my grandma, she still helps us whenever we are short on budget - however my dad don't want us to ask for help from her. Reality check, she's just helping us because you can't. I'm not mad at you dad, okay. I'm just wondering why does it have to be this way.


About my real thoughts about God, I think I still have a lot more to work up on. talk about spending time in my devotions. -_- most of the days,I did accomplish reading His word and marveling on the thoughts and inculcating the sense of it all to myself, but then there would be those times that I feel like I am only doing so because it is one of my duties. I hope and still pray that God will still bless me in my devotions and that He would grant me the desires of my heart, while praising and glorifying Him. ._.

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