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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
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3 wishes // make a wish?

First note: the pictures were taken from Jaymie's phone only. -_-

Last Saturday, May 24, my friends and I have decided to go to Sta. Rosa to stroll around the mall found there (it would count as the most proximate large mall in our place here in Laguna). There were six of us - Hannah, Yopeh, Jermaine, Jaymie, Abbie and me. :)

If only Ian had been available, there would have been seven of us -_- and there would be those who would really be happy and have her world turned upside-down, and bloomed with lots and lots of hearts! :) Abbie, who was the one most expecting him turned to ashes (hehe!) because of the bad news! It was days before when she found out that he would be going - and really was looking forward to the day she and Ian would meet. sigh.

Though he compromised by treating Abbie to a fast food store, I think the same thing would come up - he would stand her up! o.o

By the way, the original plan was to go to Enchanted Kingdom (one of the best themed parks here in the country or is it?) but out of the five people planning, Jermaine and I were the only ones sure of having fun there. T_T

It took us 6 hours to roll around the place and get around the long hallways and window shop and look for cute finds (including Jenny's birthday gift!) Jaymie had bought her school supplies in line with the oh-so-many people crowding NBS! Surprisingly, one of our high school classmates, Trish, also was there together with her cute nephew (and older sister)! :) They were so cute together...:) I wish I had a nephew too! Too bad my sister is years younger!


anyway,I am considering the option of moving into Wordpress because I want to start doing the pay-per-post things. :) also, I would want to experience php which they tell me is easier to work with. I've already considered making decisions and asking for help from people who have long been doing stuff. I hope everything would turn out just fine. :)



Sorry kung hindi ako nakapunta noong birthday mo..Sunday kasi. Hope to see you still next time. :) Congrats din pala dahil UPLB ka na! :)

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