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Saturday, June 07, 2008
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Thanks to my new found friend Anne. :) Yes, she's someone I just know here on the internet, but you know what? I think it really is an interesting thing to have known someone and be friends and comfortable with her instantly. :) I have stumbled upon her site just this morning and we returned PMs and tags and comments.. and now, she helped me with my new blog!

Plus, there's this common thing about us that struck me most - we have the same school and we live in the same city and what else? Isn't that cool? :) I have been blogging for quite some time now and yet my friends whom I know, live somewhere else far... I can even remember the first blogger I met first online - Kim (boybawang.blogspot.com). It actually turned out that he was my close friend's elementary classmate, neighbor and family friend. :D We even had the experience of being in UST together for our first time. funny times. XD

Anyway, I have been staying awake an hour longer - till 5 am?! and I really can't help myself. Maybe because I have so much to do which I can not establish whenever everyone's awake. There are my PTCs and MyLot and blogging and my new addiction?! WATCHING GOSSIP GIRL! I have just started two nights ago and have made for myself an agreement of watching one episode a day, searching first through Veoh and YouTube. Having no luck, I tried search engines, and then there was sidereel.com. where there are lists of available links to all the episodes of the well-loved novel-turned-drama series. P.S. I just finished watching episode 4. Hope I could catch up to the events! :)

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