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Monday, June 23, 2008
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    Who would actually believe that someone never voted as a class officer (with the exception last high school to some subjects like Math and Biology which required separate nominations and elections) would claim herself a position during her sophomore year as class vice president, and much to your (MY) surprise, a student council panelist – with the honor of being the 2nd year level representative?!

    Believe me, it's actually something whimsical since I never had the experience of beholding official positions for the class, especially the whole school's student council! And yes, I am acting like it's a big matter when for a matter of fact; it is not for some others who were popular – who I never actually was until college.

    In the first place, I was only voted as Vice President next to JR since we were the only ones always raising our hands whenever our instructors would ask, "Who here is a scholar?" Then, it is also only because JJ, another friend who would actually nominate for me when I thought that he was intended to vote for someone. Due to that, he even teased me that I should treat him for having been able to gather up votes for my position. O.o

    And now, I am facing the reality of doing what to do as my responsibility – disseminating the facts of our upcoming Acquaintance Party! Which excitingly fabulous motif is black and white, like what I always see for some debuts featured on Multiply by other teens my age! As early as now, I am actually having daydreams and fantasies of the event actually taking place, including what I am about to wear! XD Pretty sure, many others would actually have done the same upon receiving the news. XD

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