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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
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I can still remember the first time I had been to my high school. There were many students running and walking around and about while there were still time before classes start, then there are so many parents accompanying also their beloved first-time-in-hs child, and the teachers and the guards and the upper freshmen - they are all busy with what they were doing and all.

I myself was running and walking past the narrow sides of buildings which I thought would be a site of many memories. It was my first day, and we were having trouble of what section I am to go into and make new friends, and of course, make history.

And now, I find myself having my little sister growing up, literally, since we are almost the same height (which bothers me because she’s only a freshmen in high school and I’m a sophomore in college!) anyway, we were having trouble, again with the sections and all because she was intended to belong in an afternoon class- would you believe that!

I actually had lost my self control talking again and again about the matter. It was her fault that she belonged in the lower section. much like, the degradable section, because in it would be the students most likely dropping out of school because most of them are idle and are not being moderated by the teachers.

Good thing I had been to Kat’s yesterday and had her mom invited for us to arrange certain things for my sister’s classes. It turned out, after long walks and time spent waiting for many people involved, my sister is now under the third honor of the high sections in school. :)

cool. ;D Thanks be to God for giving us the opportunity to have her learn from her mistakes of being foolishly idled during her elementary and now we hope that she’d do best and make us proud. :)

Glory be to Him because without His works and guides, we would have never got the chance to make the most of our time giving my sister a chance to change and do better. :)

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