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Friday, June 06, 2008
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I have downloaded the tracks Secondhand Serenade have months ago, and I am currently having my first time listening to them. To my surprise, I am having some hard time myself because these songs are so dramatic and romantically involved when it comes to emotions that you want to portray.

And now, because of this, I think I am missing someone...Especially now that he actually posted that he would be away from the blogging world for some time, with his baggages being readied for tomorrow morning.

I think it's just what some newborn teenage Christians would actually be conscious about because most of the people our age have their own romantically close friends....

And to think that I had one for a long time, and in which I have fallen so hard - and deep - it would be such a struggle to keep him from coming back to you and all those memories, which happen to be always happy and exciting and the ones you can never forget. How I wish I could make him understand.

However, I have made my decision of following after Christ, and yes, I was very well informed that it is one of the things that I would lost - a lover. Well, I am glad the drama was over. Good thing I have stumbled upon Tita Tetch's blog (and it was oh-so-relieving.)

Want to join me be comforted? Click here.

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