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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
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Tuesday is PE day, however I think we would have to reschedule the course because of some reason out there nobody even knows of, I think. We had badminton class, in which I scored only 94% unlike most of the other students who got 100%! My trio even discarded my existence because they are all so excited in playing and all...

It was such a shame because I can actually hit the shuttle cock, yet it doesn't seem to go right whenever things are graded... o.o We even learned this footwork that I have to study since it doesn't come out from me naturally.

Earlier, we were supposed to report on Aristotle's concept of the human person. If I were to base my reports in our book, it's actually something not that sensible enough that's why I have to consult other places like the library and the internet for some sources. Our report by the way is delayed for next time, Friday this week.

In my Basic IT class, another shameful thing was done , but I have to confess that it's something none of us should consider doing. T_T Talk about something else but this! T_T

Filipino was the usual, good thing it was THAT entertaining since our topic was about Francisco Balagtas' "Labindalawang Sugat ng Puso". We even made our own rendition of heart-breaking poems, and I have come to talk about Carmichael. Weird.

Maybe it was because Verlie and I have been talking about high school mishaps like having to disregard UP...and JR reminded me of my past almost lover named Car... haha. It was that hard to consider of getting rid of because he's something who has somehow made my life change in small ways. And then there's first things.

I actually don't want to talk about boys.


Why the tag katakawan? It's because Girlyn treated us (Phi Viet, Princess, Monica, Emmanuel Paolo, Angelico and Mark) to Beanstalk out of nowhere. Only Nica was absent from the company from LSC. I actually ate so much I think I have eaten enough until tomorrows activities, however I am already so tired due to my whole-day schedule. GREAT thing it's already Wednesday tomorrow...

Can I actually mention Mark treated me to Garlic Bread and fares from our school to my house, in addition to him carrying my luggage...good dog! ;) Turns out well that I have made some friend even during last sem.. :D

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