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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
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I feel down. I just got 78 for my Filipino quiz which nobody believed to be THAT bad. I know I have been feeling DOWN since earlier this day but I cannot really discern what has been happening inside of me...and trust me, you wouldn't actually care.

Our preliminary exam is like 1 day away so I really have to study.. Still, I chose to be with my bestfriend, my blog.. and I admit it - I need to study.

But I can't concentrate because I have been having my eyes on a new phone. Walkman phone + 3.2 mp camera is, I think, somewhere near my reach, so I have been thinking of availing it... but I couldn't even tell it to my dad because I know that we really are having our last coins emptying every money-containing-wallets-and-coin-banks [which is actually overstated,but is almost what we really are] and also because I have not been considering communications to him [for almost about 5 days] until last night when I sent him a text message...

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